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Technical writing services, including
tax credit reports and consulting
We provide:
  • * Translation (technical, marketing, business, other materials)
  • * Web-site localization
  • * Technical writing (user manuals, software documentation)
  • * Grant writing, RFPs, help with business plans
  • * Editing and proofreading of texts in English and in Russian
  • * DTP in English and in Russian
  • * Technical reports for technology-related tax credits
    (in strategic partnership with SRED Unlimited)

Technical writing services

(including tax credit reports and consulting) 

Do you need a technical report for tax refund purposes? Documentation for your software, in English or in Russian? We can do that, too! Our staff will work closely with your developers to extract knowledge and convey the precise meaning of your technological innovation. We can prepare UML diagrams, flowcharts and annotated screenshots. Your users will be happy, and your newly hired developers will become productive much faster thanks to documentation that we create. 

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