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English - Russian - English translation
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Technical writing services, including
tax credit reports and consulting
We provide:
  • * Translation (technical, marketing, business, other materials)
  • * Web-site localization
  • * Technical writing (user manuals, software documentation)
  • * Grant writing, RFPs, help with business plans
  • * Editing and proofreading of texts in English and in Russian
  • * DTP in English and in Russian
  • * Technical reports for technology-related tax credits
    (in strategic partnership with SRED Unlimited)

Client testimonials

Dmitry Brusilovsky, head of SRED Unlimited (has been working with TIS for five years):

"Tania is a very skilled technical writer. Her extensive knowledge and technical background combined with her creativity and writing experience in both English and Russian result in outstanding writing."

Max Nemtsov, formerly Head of Foreign Literature department at Eksmo Publishers, Russia (has been working with Tania Samsonova for five years):

"Tania Samsonova had been invariably responsible and highly flexible. Her translations demonstrated the most brilliant quality of work and immense creativity. Many times her translations were praised by reviewers and critics in various trade, local and national paper and electronic publications. We are really happy to have had the opportunity to work with this brilliant and creative translator."